Fairy tale monasteries

The three major monasteries are found over a distance of only 40 km. First, Russian glory, is different from the other two by the old Slavonic rite, preserved over time with great pride by the faithfuls. The Orthodox Cocos Monastery is situated proudly at the foot of a hill wrapped in the scent of linden forests. The first documentary attestation of a religious settlement in this place is in the year 1679, when we learn about the existence of a monastery of hermits, invasions of the sacked weather.
Celic Dere Monastery story is linked to the nearby river name – “Celik dere” (“river of steel”). The story goes that the first church of the place, built by Sultan Abdul-Medgid approval, disappeared long ago destroyed by fire. The second church was built in the 1840s and persist today, defended the holy “river of steel”.
Estimated time: between 4 and 5 hours by car.