More Than Just a Place to Stop By

Enisala Safari Village

we offer you northern dobrudja and danube delta in „slow tourism & travel”

300 lei / pers / night

Children 4 – 14 years old half price

for each person/per night/Breakfast & Dinner included

Only saturday and sunday: fish lunch by request one day in advance (150 lei)


The Oasis Effect

unburden yourself from the shackles of stress • take in the wonderful scenery • discover real tranquility

visit the fortress • visit the old monasteries • go fishing

read a book • birdwatching • rovering over the lake

genuine local cuisine • genuine local wines • genuine local customs


Enisala Safari Village

Enisala 94A, sat Enisala, comuna Sarichioi, Tulcea, România

Available from April to November

Info & booking

(+40)  0722.300.200

Guests visiting Enisala particularly for the fish speciality lunch: 150 lei per person

Available only by booking one day in advance SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY
13:00 – 18:00 hrs

Danube Delta Trip

aprox 4 ore

100 lei / pers

Gura Portiței

70 lei / pers

fish hob

Only by request at 0722.300.200

English Summer Academy


In July

We host an English language summer camp for children between the ages of 7 and 16

Alongside native-speaking British instructors from Oxford & Cambridge

Corporate Safari

Local Excursions

Northern Dobrudja, with its harmonious ethnic and cultural mosaic, is simply a way of life. To be enjoyed for an entire lifetime.

Gibi Anghelache, Owner & General Manager

A few activities you may enjoy in YOUR free time

Wander in nature for hours or days. We have plenty to offer, and you have a lot to discover, and then remember and share with your family and friends.

Photo Safari

Few can boast to have succeeded at encapsulating the entire beauty of the Danube Delta and of Dobrudja in one go!

Identifying and capturing the entire spectacle taking place every single moment across North Dobrudja poses a real challenge to anyone who knows how to wield a camera: Mazes of reeds and water channels, pelican colonies, fishing adventures, the Măcin Mountains and many archaeological and historical relics. The pictures we have taken stand as proof of this!


Fishing activities in the Danuble Delta or on Lake Razim take place usually in the morning or evening, and are reccomended for both adults and kids. The fishing locations are accessed by boat. You can fish from the boat or from the shores, in bays, lagoons and channels. You can primarily catch carps, pikes and catfish. Experienced fishermen can also catch eels or perch

Birds Watching

The Danube Delta is a refuge unique in all of Europe for more than three hundred species of birds. Declared a Biosphere Reservation, the Delta shelters some migratory species, but also some perennial ones, such as wild ducks, egrets, bee-eaters, wild geese, cormorants, eagles, albatrosses, woodcocks, and partridges, all of which are, however, dominated by the pelicans – the undisputed masters of water and air


Trips are increasingly popular for all ages. One can explore the hills around Lake Razim, the winding paths of the fisherman villages, the oak forest glades and wild peonies up until the Wind Gate, where the lake and the earth unite to create a spectacular vista under a 200 metre tall cliff. All of this will remain engraved within your memory for a long time!

Special Rates

For groups & specific activities

Contact us for details

Enisala Safari Village

Enisala 94A, Enisala, Sarichioi, Tulcea, Romania

Contact Info

(+40) 722.300.200

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