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Historical Sites

Fortresses in Dobrudja

Argamum ♦ Enisala ♦ Histria ♦ Ibida

biking safari

Tune yourself in to nature!

Biking provides you with an ideal way of exploring nature. Roving on your bike across the fields, deep in the woods, on the dirt roads or over the hills, you can grasp the true extent of the land’s natural beauty, otherwise unreachable from the seat of a car. We provide technical and logistical assistance for a Tour of Lake Razim (Optimal recommended routes, snacks, mechanics, long-range transport). We reccommend you bring your personal bike for journeying across the surroundings of Enisala.

Danube Delta Safari

The Aquatic Realm

From Lake Razim, you can easily reach the Razim Channel or the Dunavăț Channel, which give you further access to Lake Dranov and the Black Sea coast.

Beyond Lake Dranov, you can visit the lagoon complex or enter the water channel labyrinth, in search for the pelican colonies. Fishing enthusiasts may spend their picnic time trying out the fishing rods.

You may also observe the activities of fishermen reeling their nets in or unloading their catch in their boats. On your way back, you can admire the beautiful herds of wild horses.

Additionally, throughout this journey, you can engage in birdwatching! Estimated time (including a picnic in the Danube Delta) ranges between 8 to 10 hours of authentic safari experience, during which you will explore the local waters and wild fauna.

macin mountains

Ancient Landscape

The Măcin Mountains are among the oldest mountain formations in Europe (having formed roughly around the second half of the Paleozoic era).

Due to their incredible old age and erosion, these mountains do not rise up to big heights. Even so, their aspect is as wild and rugged as one might expect, and promises and adventurous expedition!

The landscapes boast a unique wild beauty, due in no small part to the weird shapes created through the erosion of the granite rocks.

The tour is approximately 200 kilometers long
Estimated time is 10 hours.

Personal vehicle required.

Tour guides provided by the ranger of the Măcin National Park

monastery tours

Venerable Churches

The three major monasteries can be found across a distance of only 40 kilometres.

Firstly, Slava Rusă (Russian Glory), differs from the other two through its Old Believer rites and congregation, proudly preserved throughout time by its faithful.

The Orthodox Cocoș Monastery lies at the foot of a hill wrapped in the fragrance of the linden forest. The first attested religious historical settling of this place is 1679 AD, when a group of hermits settled and proffessed their faith here.

The story of the Celic Dere monastery is linked to a nearby river named Celik Dere (Steel River). According to the story, the first church in this area, built with the approval of Sultan Abdul-Medgid, had been ravaged by a fire a long time ago. The second church was built in 1840, and still stands to this day, protected by a ”River of Steel”.

Estimated time: between 4 and 5 hours by car.

Black sea coast

Vadu Beach

A unique wild beach, located near the Danube Delta Reserve