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Historical Sites

Fortresses in Dobrogea

Argamum ♦ Enisala ♦ Histria ♦ Ibida

biking safari

Work Yourself

Biking provides you an ideal way to explore the nature. Rovering on bike, deep in the forest, along the roads or up on the hills, you can get all the beauty that you cannot get by car. For razim Lake Tour we provide technical and logistics assistance (recommended optimal tours, snacks, mechanics, lift-off for long tours ). We recommend for Biking Safari at Enisala surroundings to take your own bike.

Danube Delta Safari

The Water World

From Razim Lake you can arrive almost instantly Razim channel or Dunavat channel where you have access to the lake Dranov and to the Black Sea coast.

Beyond Dranov you can visit the lagoon complex or enter the labyrinth of channels in search of colonies of pelicans. Lunch picnic can be used by fishing enthusiasts by trying their fishing rods. You can also watch the activity of the fishermen drawing their drag nets or discharging their fish captures in boats. On the way back you can admire the wild horse studs.

Throughout you can make bird watching activities. Estimated time (with a picnic in Danube Delta): 8 – 10 hours of authentic safari on water and wildlife exploration.

macin mountains

Ancient Landscape

Macin Mountains, in the northern Dobrogea, are among the oldest mountains in Europe (being formed in the second part of the Paleozoic). Because of their age and erosion, these mountains are lower heights. However their appearance is rather wild and makes the adventure. Landscapes have a ruggedly and unique beauty, due to strange forms created by erosion of granite rocks.

Macin Mountins Trip by your own:

  • The tour is around 200 kilometers
  • Time estimated is 10 hours

Macin Mountains Trip by your own cars

Guided tour provided by ranger from Macin National Park

monastery tours

Old Churches

The three major monasteries are found over a distance of only 40 km. First, Russian glory, is different from the other two by the old Slavonic rite, preserved over time with great pride by the faithfuls. The Orthodox Cocos Monastery is situated proudly at the foot of a hill wrapped in the scent of linden forests. The first documentary attestation of a religious settlement in this place is in the year 1679, when we learn about the existence of a monastery of hermits, invasions of the sacked weather.
Celic Dere Monastery story is linked to the nearby river name – “Celik dere” (“river of steel”). The story goes that the first church of the place, built by Sultan Abdul-Medgid approval, disappeared long ago destroyed by fire. The second church was built in the 1840s and persist today, defended the holy “river of steel”.
Estimated time: between 4 and 5 hours by car.


Black sea coast

Vadu Beach

An unique wild beach, placed near the Danube Delta Reservation